“Low on budget? Try working in a surf hostel!”

Television host Dzifa talks about her experience at Progress Outdoor Surf Hostel

Work, surf and play? Yes, please! In ‘3 op reis’, a Dutch television program,  Dzifa and her crew visit Progress Outdoor Surf Hostel in the summer of 2021. They want to know what happens behind the scenes in the coziest hostel in the Southwest of France. “The way to travel and surf on a low budget is to work at a hostel for example.”

Traveling overseas was challenging in the last two years and thus many people have switched to road tripping instead of flying. So did Dzifa. She gathered her film crew, took a train to Bordeaux and then rented a car. They drove along the coast of France down to Les Landes. First stop? Hossegor. Known for the many outlet surf shops and the Quicksilver Pro France surf contest that happens here every year. (A must do day trip when you stay at Progress Outdoor Surf Hostel!)

“I felt it!
I’m a surfer now!”

Unfortunately, the weather conditions didn’t allow them to go surfing that day. Or the next one. Determined to learn, Dzifa came down to Progress Outdoor Surf Hostel in Moliets-Plage. She wanted the full Progress experience and so we gave her a crew shirt and showed her a day behind the scenes at our hostel. Because a summer of surfing doesn’t need to be expensive ;).

Summer on a budget

The little town of Moliets-et-Maa is dead quiet in winter. But in summertime thousands of people come down to stay in one of the many surf camps and enjoy the sun, the sand and surfing. “But staying at a surf camp can be expensive. Accommodation, surf lessons, food, it all adds up. But if you are low on budget”, Dzifa says, “you can still enjoy an awesome summer! For example as a member of the Progress crew.” In exchange for a few hours of work everyday you can eat, sleep, surf and party. 

Dzifa gets paired up with Bernardo and wants to know why he likes it so much at Progress? “It doesn’t feel like working. You feel like a guest with responsibilities. Because we are a big team, you only have to do a few hours per day. So you have plenty of time to go to the beach and surf. We are a true Progress family. People come back every year to work and surf.” 

Even if you are low on budget,
you can still enjoy
an awesome summer.

“So are there any downsides to the job?” Dzifa asks. “Of course it can be difficult to work and live together everyday. It’s important that you take time for yourself. It’s about balance.” Bernardo responds.

Skate contests and pancakes

When the tents are done, it’s time to take Romana – the garbage scooter for a ride. Definitely a highlight for Dzifa, but an adventure that doesn’t last long. Romana breaks down and so Dzifa decides to check out what happens at the reception of Progress Outdoor Surf Hostel. “We used to be a camp, and now we are a hostel. The difference is that you can check in and out any day you want. In a surf camp you arrive and depart on a Saturday”, Ron – the hostel owner – explains. “Being able to arrive when you want, gives you a lot of freedom.”

 “At Progress you can
check in any day
you want”

When the evening falls, Ron announces that the skate ramp is finished. Pro skaters from all over Moliets come down to show their tricks at the first skate contest of the season. Dzifa is ready to relax, enjoy and party the night away! 

Only a few hours of sleep later, Dzifa is ready to help Jessica preparing breakfast. It’s pancake-time! “In high season we sometimes cook breakfast for 150 guests. It can get stressful, but the food is always delicious”, Jessica says. Once Dzifa is finished flipping pancakes, she wants to know if today she can finally learn how to surf. “It is a bit cloudy and cold today, but as long as you put on a wetsuit, you will be fine”, Jessica assures.

Part of the family

With a surfboard under her arm, Dzifa walks along the beautiful pine forests of Les Landes to the lovely beach of Moliets-Plage. After a few attempts she catches her first wave! “It was only for a millisecond, but I felt it! I’m a surfer now”, she yells. 

Dzifa definitely felt part of the Progress family and hopefully she convinced you to join us next summer! Check out our job positions on our Jobs page and apply to be part of the crew!

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