Surf more

Go surf more this summer! Whether it’s cold, onshore, knee-high or far from perfect, hit the water more! Every session you have will raise your level. You always learn something new. Once you are in the water surfing always gives you a relaxed feeling and lets you forget all your stress and daily worries for a while. After your session you are ready to deal with everything again!

Use less plastic

There are a lot of plastic things in our daily lives that we don’t need. Especially the things that are made to use once and then throw away are totally unnecessary and very bad for the environment. Think of straws, throw-away cups, plastic bags and water bottles. You can instead use similar items that you can use again. Always bring your own bag to the supermarket and buy a refillable water bottle that you can use during sports. Together we can fight plastic pollution!

Eat healthier

The healthier you eat, the fitter your body remains. This not only has many advantages in daily life, but you will also notice a difference while surfing. You can paddle longer and harder. Which allows you to surf longer and catch more waves. The more time you spend on a wave the faster you improve. So, it has a lot of advantages. If you are hungry, grab that salad instead of those French fries!

Exercise more

Even if there are no waves, it is important to work out. The better you work on your fitness when it is flat, the less you will notice that you haven’t surfed for a while when there are waves after a flat spell. Especially swimming, yoga, and surf related strength and fitness training is good for your surf fitness. Yoga keeps you flexible and focused, so you suddenly stick that one turn where you would normally fall. Get off that couch!

Spend more money

Spend more money on fun things in 2018! You never know what will happen in your life. Grab that one beer with your friends if they ask you out, or go out for dinner with your family, even if you have little money. You will never regret this later. You wouldn’t want to miss that one night that you still remember in 10 years’ time, would you?

Walk more barefoot

An increasing number of researchers have the opinion that walking barefoot is healthy for you. It is not only good for your immune system, it also ensures that your feet stay in their natural position. Especially when you walk a lot on stiletto heels, your toes are pinched together and the position of your foot changes. This can in the long term give you deformed feet, so you will start walking differently, which can lead to physical discomfort. Take off those shoes as soon as you can!

Be lazy

Everyone notices that our lives are getting busier nowadays. Due to the arrival of smartphones and social media, we have less and less breaks in our lives. However, it’s good to occasionally step out of this daily rat race and do nothing at all. Read a good book, relax in a hammock in the sun or stay in bed on your day off. The sun is also good for your vitamins. Especially after a long winter, your body needs sunlight, so go out and enjoy the golden rays!

Go out into nature

Certainly, the people who live in the city will probably notice that our lives are becoming increasingly unhealthy. We are busy, eating unhealthily (quick snacking), we exercise less and when we go outside to run, the air we breathe is also unhealthy due to air pollution. Therefore, it is more and more important to get that healthy outdoor air as often as we can. The peace and quiet that one can only find in nature is also nice to relax completely and get out of your daily life. Go for that camping or hiking weekend in your nearest nature reserve this summer!


Don’t say no to unknown things this summer! Jump from that bungee jumping tower, go to that unknown party or eat that dish that you have never eaten before. It is good to step out of your comfort zone from time to time. This will stimulate your body and mind. You might discover new things that you didn’t knew you liked. New things can also give you fresh energy so that you can escape from your daily routine. Say yes!

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See you soon!