Yoga is often being underrated by people. It might feel like you’re doing nothing, but in one hour of yoga your body is being refuelled from the inside and so many things are happening without even noticing it! Especially for you as a surfer, it’ll help you in many ways and yes, it will improve your skills. Progress offers daily yoga classes and here’s why you should join!

  1. Only qualified teachers

Progress makes sure to only hire qualified teachers. They know what they are doing, how the body works and how to approach injuries and barriers. They’ll make sure to have an effective training for you, which means that the morning sessions are more active to make you ready for another day of surfing. The evening class is often aimed at stretching, to avoid aching muscles and to release the tension of the day.

  1. Stimulate the recovery of your muscles and prevent injuries

Following a yoga class before surfing warms the body up to prepare it for booming action in the water. Doing a warming up like this prevents injuries! Spending an hour of your time after your surfing session will release tension in the muscles. You’ve been active for quite a long time and your muscles are probably sore, tired and still tense. Nourish the body by stretching, relaxing and mostly: breathing. Then you can kick some ass again the next day!

  1. Improve your strength, balance and flexibility

Yoga requires more of the human body than we think. Just like surfing you’re using different muscles in different ways. Yoga improves all of this, like balancing on your board and the ability to stand up faster.

  1. A time-out for your mind & body

Staying at a surfcamp means having people around you 24/7. Literally 24/7. Of course a lot of fun, but it’s also good to give your mind and body a small escape from the rush. And yoga is the right answer to that!

  1. Why not?

The classes are offered on a daily basis at the camp and everyone should at least have experienced doing yoga. So: why not? You’re here anyway, go for the full experience. I can only recommend it!