Hein Teunissen (30) is at Progress in Moliets for 4 days now and is totally in love with the whole atmosphere. Lucky he had time, in between his surf and chill sessions, to have a chat with us. So let’s meet Hein…

Whats your favorite surf destination?
Since this is gonna be my first surf experience, I still have no idea. I have been in Moliets for 4 days now and it’s the best place I’ve been so far ……:)

For what can we wake you up at night?
A fire….!!!

Why do we have to go to Progress this summer?
Because it’s awesome and we have a freaking great team.

What do you not forget when you go on holiday?
I forgot…

Do you have any tips for the people who never surfed before?
Keep on going and push yourself a bit. Eventually you get the feeling and you’ll be flying on those waves.

Do you want to share something else with us?
I’m here more for the good vibes than I am for the surfing. For any surf advise try to avoid me!!