Claudia (29) is the chief of the collectionbook and flipflops at Protest Boardwear. No wonder she loves the whole beach and surf vibe at Progress Surfcamp. This summer she is gonna be a part of the crew, so let’s meet Claudia:

How long have you been surfing:
I tried for about 3 summers, but gave up at the end. I will keep it to tanning, beach games and watching people surf now.

Come cruise on a longboard (skate) with me in Moliets, they have some smooth concreet there.

TIP for beginner surfers:
Just have fun, be safe, be kind and always listen to the instructions of Ron and you’ll be a pro at the end of your stay (well at least you will stand up and smile for your new surf profile pic on Facebook).

Where can we wake you up for in the morning:
Music, coffee and happy people.

Why Progress Surfcamp:
Smaller cozy camp with lots of facilities, awesome friendly crew, and a easy going happy vibe!

Most beautiful Progress moment:
Ooh, where should I start.. cause there are beautiful moments multiple times a day!

I’m going on a trip and I’ll take this with me:
Sunnies, and Music.

The summer of 2017 will be the most beautiful summer because:
You will join us on Progress Surfcamp and will make every minute of it a everlasting memorie (we’ll forget about the hangovers)

Last words:
Thanks for reading, and I am thrilled to meet you in Moliets!