As a professional job-hopper, Eva (26) hopes to learn how to surf this summer! She catched a couple of waves in Australia, Portugal and the Netherlands, but knows not more than how strong the ocean is and how it feels to have bruises on places she didn’t knew they could bruise;) Let’s meet Eva:

TIP for beginner surfers:
I reckon it would be a great advantage to work on your strength and flexibility as well, if you would like some tips for mobility, stability or to muscle up, feel free to ask!

Where can we wake you up for in the morning:
Coffeeee! strong, black, and a litre of water on the side please.

Why Progress Surfcamp:
I don’t think I can put it into words, because it’s a feeling. The feeling of authentic; pure; chilled out; passionated people; freedom (to do whatever you feel like: surfing, relaxing, go for a drink, make a party, sleep in, wake up at the dawn of the day, etc) .

I’m going on a trip and I’ll take this with me:
as little as possible  … and I always take things with me I can not throw out at home because I hate wasting things, so for years now, I bring things with me on a trip and make sure I put it to use and won’t bring it home with me…

The summer of 2017 will be the most beautiful summer because:
When you live in the moment, and there is water, sun and good people, there’s absolutely nothing that can beat that.

Last word:
Hope to see all of u to make some awesome memories together!