As we all know, Belgium is well known for the special beers. Jef (23) is a social guy, and does not forget his ice cold beer when he travels. For now he quits his job to work at Progress Surfcamps all summer long. Meet Jef… For how long have you been surfing? Since 2 years Tip for beginner surfers: Enjoy every minute of surfing and  the ocean. Favourite surf destination: Moliets, France What can we wake you up for in the morning? For good breakfast and of course for a good sunrise session I’m going on a trip and I will take this with me: Ice cold beer and sunscreen Best Progress moment: The sunset rose, first a sunset surf session and after chilling at the bonfire at the beach, a perfect evening! Last words: Don’t forget to book a week at Progress Surfcamps. It’s gonna be a great summer!