If we have to belive Livia(19) this summer is gonna be the best of all! She is born is Germany. As we all know, Germany doesn’t have waves! So working at the Progress Surfcamps means, surfing, beach and sun all day long. The perfect combination for a girl like Livia. We are curious about her life and how she start with surfing in a poor wave country… Let’s meet Livia! How long have you been surfing? For 2 short summers, 7 weeks, in 4 countries, with endless wipeouts and fun. Tip for beginner surfers: Learn to love the wipeouts! When falling and getting swirled under water by the wave is as much fun as managing to ride the wave you have twice as much fun as before! Maybe I will manage to love the paddling this year haha… Favourite surf destination: Wherever the waves are fun, the sunsets beautiful, the people open minded and nature amazing. And where the food is good! What can we wake you up for in the morning? Ready-made breakfast, pretty sunrises, adventure, fun waves. I’m going on a trip and I will take this with me: Definitely a good friend to share the good time with. The summer 2017 will be the most beautiful summer because: I will make loads of new experiences, meet people from all over the world, progress myself in surfing, filming and more in a beautiful forest by the ocean. What can one ask more for? Last words: Join us!