As a DJ and producer Bert(30) knows how to make a party! Henny is his nickname, but for the people who don’t know him, it’s Bert;) Bert is born in Belgium, and surfs since his 17th. Because of his busy life, he wasn’t in the water for a long time, so he is really happy to be part of the Progress Crew this year and surf again. Let’s meet Bert:

What’s your favorite surf destination?
Peniche, Portugal

For what can we wake you up at night?
If you don’t try, you don’t know

Why do we have to go to Progress this summer?
Because it’s one big happy family!

What do you not forget when you go on holiday?
I definitely will bring my good mood:)

Do you have any tips for the people who never surfed before?
Surf as much as you can! And try to wake-up early so you don’t miss the waves!

Do you want to share something else with us?
I cannot wait until I’m in France, hope to see you all !! Meet Henny at our Surfcamp in Moliets this summer, take a surf together and you’ll be calling him Henny to.