This woman sings, surfs and is a yoga teacher. If we know one thing for sure, is that she’s doing what she loves the most. Besides her bachelor jazz, she likes to sing on stage! This summer she is gonna teach yoga to all of you who needs some stretch after a day of surfing. Are you also curious about here life? Let’s meet Mila(19):

For how long are you surfing?
I’m surfing now for 4 years.

What’s your favorite surf destination?
The south of France and the North of Spain. If you walk along the stretch out beaches, you will always find a empty spot.

For what can we wake you up at night?
Yoga, offshore wind, croissants, nice music, the sun…

Why do we have to go to Progress this summer?
Because Progress Surfcamp is small, so it’s easy to make contact with people. It always feels like a family, and everybody is welcome to join the Progress family.

What is your best Progress moment from last season?
Well, I remember a night at the camp full of rain. The next day we woke up, the sun was out, the wind was offshore and we had a perfect sunrise session…

What do we definitely have to pack?
Sunscreen, because the sun is really strong in France.

Do you have any tips for the people who never surfed before?
Surf as much as you can, get knowledge of the ocean and be the one who has the most fun in the water!

Do you want to share something else with us?
I hope to see you all in Moliets this summer. To enjoy the surf, yoga, parties, tanning sessions and live music!